Video: Extended participation - finally we have the right hashtag!

Urban planning processes take time. During different stages of planning, a multitude of voices are heard to support the legitimacy of the urban development. This process of citizen participation is deemed more and more important in the age of social media where new possibilities of engaging with civil servants, citizens and activists are abound. Still, participation is hardly perfect in its current state.

Trying to reshape existing habits and structures to better fit the needs of the times is always challenging. Especially large organisations, like municipalities, struggle with many conflicting demands and opinions coming their way on a daily basis. We believe that new technology can help improve the experience of participation for everyone.

Established professionals are not always acquainted with new technologies and methods, and changing the status quo can sometimes be difficult. Involving startups, young professionals, fresh minds with project activities can be beneficial in gaining new perspectives. Regardless of the field, considering new ideas brought forth by innovative young professionals helps to re-imagine possibilities and ultimately create better outcomes.

Here is a 21 minute long of explanation what we think when saying “Extended participation“.
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