Planners are also people

City is a way of thinking, it is a human way of thinking. Cities are made by people for people. More than ever before we need tools and methods for clear evaluation and decision making. We need to apply progress as a way of thinking either. Real-time simulations, data visualisation for early design presentations as well as along the development process is a superpower of every modern city.

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How can we help



We will turn 2D plans, drawings, sketches into 3D model using our very own as well as open source tools. Do the necessary twerking and adjustments to fit seamlessly with neccassr performance criteria and addressable audience.



There so many paths different users of space, street, park… kids, moms, youngsters and people with certain disabilities. With power of data visualisation and AR/VR technologies we are able to “walk their shoes” and therefore be more mindful about design decisions.

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Creative disruption

Planning should be creative and we pledge to research and provide fresh, responsive, and intriguing ideas founded on best practice. We apply design thinking and agile methodologies all along the process, we learn and turn that into advantage


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